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TBW Fashion Police Alert: Hum Awards 2017


After the scrutiny of LSA red carpet, The Blush Work’s fashion police is back to thoroughly investigate the very much anticipated “Hum Awards 2017”.

Almost the same people, but entirely different get ups and different rankings. So join us in rating the stars of Hum Awards on the basis of their outfits.

*reloads the fashion gun*

Unlike LSA, very few celebs managed to make it to our best dressed list. Most of them were a disappointment. Let’s begin the parade!

Gowns Gone Bad

Bushra Ansari

With a very heavy heart we had to put the Iconic Face of Pakistan in the bad list. Bushra Aapa, just because everyone is wearing it, you don’t have to follow them, you have always flaunted a style of your own. What happened here?

Ayesha Khan

Nope, her gown wasn’t bad at all, but her way of carrying was. Pulled up & wrinkled sleeves? This is NOT a tomboy shirt! It is a delicate gown. Carry it the way it should be!


Sajjal’s gown is the pictorial representation of ,“Just because its black, doesn’t mean it will look good”. Enough said.

Marwa Hocane

Another huge disappointment, after flaunting an enchanting gown at LSA’s Marwa wore an equally unappealing gown at the hum awards. For some reason, her gown reminds us of “candy floss” and not in a good way…

Kubra Khan

We had so many expectations from the very talented Kubra Khan… but let’s not judge, maybe she had to attend a “wedding” before or after the awards. After all, she is a busy star!

Vaneeza Ahmed

A good gown sans grace & an out-of-the-place necklace. Come on Vinny! You could have done better!


Umm… isn’t one Kim Kardashian enough? Just saying..

Sana Bucha

It took us a little while to figure out from where exactly the dress began and where it ended. AND WE FAILED!

Ayesha Sana


These were some of the female disappointments, but some ale stars also gave an equally tough competition.

Asim Azhar

So much  phool, its a guldasta!

Mikaal Zulifiqaar.

What exactly was in the mind of the designer of this coat? NOTHING!


Now comes the ladies who managed to make it to our best dressed list!

Anoushey Ashraf

Our beloved Anoushey wore a pretty  piece by Khaadi Khaas with just the right amount of shimmer and beautiful accessories. You go girl!

Reema Khan


Reema looked a real definition of classy and sassy in her extremely pretty gown.

Hareem Farooq

The hum awards host stole the lime light and wore the best gown and carried it in the most graceful way. TBW Fashion police has a winner!

Komal Aziz Khan.

After infinite gowns, Komal Aziz with this pretty saree was a real feast to the eyes. It is always better to stick to your traditional attire and look glamorous than to wear western gowns and look a disaster!

Anam & Gohar.

Gohar’s wife Anam also followed Komal’s footsteps and looked breathtakingly gorgeous in this saree nd was given an equally tough competition by her husband. Kudos to the couple.

Continuing the well dressed here are a few more picks.

Ali Rehman Khan.

The “Diyar-e-dil” Sohaib Bakhitar Khan rocked his awesome suit sporting a massive and well trimmed  beard  Bravo man!

Gohar Rasheed

You must be wondering why is he selected for the best dressed despite wearing an ordinary suit. Here is why..


Hamza Ali Abbasi

Although we are still trying to get used to a clean shaved Abbasi, but his attire had so much class and decency that he made it to our best dressed list.

Osman Khalid Butt

Although this coat is a bit risky to wear, but with the right amount of charm it rocked the red carpet. Good show Mr. Butt!

So this all about the glitz and glamour of HUM AWARDS 2017. Let’s hope all those stars take our reviews seriously and look better next time. Looking forward to more fashion RAIDS. Till then ADIOS!