January 17, 2017 – Mario Dedivanovic needs no introduction. He’s the makeup artist to top Hollywood celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, Kelly Ripa and of course Kim Kardashian (just to name a few). An inspiration to many and an all time favourite of other artists in the makeup industry.

When he announced his Masterclass in August 2016, I literally jumped on the opportunity and bought my ticket the moment I saw the post on Instagram, because who wants to miss a chance to learn from the maestro and meet THE KARDASHIAN herself.  It was something I could only dream of. I’m a huge Mario and Kim fan and this masterclass was everything I ever wanted to attend as a makeup junkie.

Over the next few months Mario posted pictures of the goodies we would receive at the class and man, I was literally blown away! From the Kylie Lipkit to Anastasia’s Glow Kit, it was stuff dreams are made of! The excitement for this exclusive event grew post by post and I just couldn’t wait to experience the magic of a huge makeup artist playing with colors on an even bigger star.

I follow Mario religiously so this was something I was really looking forward to. (Amount paid for this masterclass was almost 1700 USD which I expected to pale into insignificance since  thought it would actually be AHMAZING)

Unfortunately when we reached the venue- it was total CHAOS! There were at least 700-1100 people attending the event, the queue was insane and we had to wait two hours just to get in. The class started a little later than expected (because of course, for such big names, its always “the later, the better”).

The Long Queue outside the Venue- Image Courtesy Google

As he started, Mario decided to go for a dramatic look on Kim (even the thought of it gives you goosebumps – woah!). The dynamic duo answered questions from the audience during the class too, which was again a major highlight.

Mario shared his techniques and said he doesn’t follow trends (why should he? after all, he is the trend himself), he just likes to do, what he calls, beautiful makeup.

As the class had already started late, we got a break in between where we were told we’d be given light bites but due to the number of people, by the time we got to the food (another queue) it was all gone. A friend of mine almost passed out and she decided to go back home.

Cherry on top, Mario took an insane amount of time to finish off Kim’s look. 3-4 hours on one look- you’ve gotta be kidding me! And the layers of concealer and foundation he used for Kim’s under eyes! I wouldn’t do that for any client or even myself.

Towards the end we were promised a short meet and greet with Kim and Mario but were told we’re not allowed to take selfies. One picture each and we can’t ask for another one if it comes out bad. The staff was extremely rude, shouting in our faces (which makes me wonder if they really wanted to do a masterclass for people to enjoy or was it just a “we want your money” thing?).

Highly disappointed, I for one, wasn’t expecting a lot of people as other Masterclasses i have attended have 400 guests maximum. Looked like they oversold the class and didn’t know how to manage things.

The goody bag was okay, like we literally paid for it man! It included products from Benefit, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kylie Jenner, Dr Apa, Urban Decay and also UAE based brands.

makeup- kim


Mario Dedivanovic is probably one of the best makeup artist out there and has great skills. I’m still a huge fan of him. But I feel, had the event managers done a better job, Mario and Kim would’ve earned themselves much more fan following and respect! (of course).

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