Christian Louboutin In Pakistan !

Islamabad rarely sees anything that is an all-out art exhibition, let alone something that garners the attention of the nation with a high-profile fashion designer in attendance exclusively for the exhibition.

Sidra, Christian Louboutin and Hassan Tariq

One such exhibition captured the artistic attention of all Pakistani’s with Two Wings to Fly, Not One, by Aisha Khalid and Imran Qureshi, curated by Zahra Khan of Foundation Art Divvy. This is the distinguished miniaturists’ first joint exhibition at a museum in Pakistan and was opened at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts.

Imran Qureshi with Mr. Louboutin

The whole art and fashion community was enthralled with Christian Louboutin, a friend of the artist’s to attend this first collaborative show. We can rest assured that Pakistan’s is in the headlines internationally for the right reasons that define true expression of what is has to offer – An artistic hub.


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