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Celebrate Mother’s Day With A Reality Check!


This mother’s day, like every year, we will see our social media sites bombarded with mother’s day quotes having those praises as to how selfless a mom is, giving up her life for the sake of her family. How is she supposed to be on her feet round the clock catering the needs of her family and that too with a smile on her face. For example..


To tell you the truth, for me, (being a mom, mind you) THIS description of a mom is TOTALLY ALIEN!

YES! You read it right! It’s a myth which is about to be get busted!

We are mothers! There is no denying to this fact! But we are humans as well. The sooner you all off springs of ours start realizing that, the better!

Why not celebrate this mother’s day with the acknowledgement of the fact that WE ARE HUMANS TOO! (Just like your DADS!)

Let me summarize this for ya all spoiled brats!

We get tired, yes we do!

In fact, we are tired most of the time, even when we say we are not.

We could have used some more sleep

In fact, you could have faced less hell, had we slept more.

We wanted that last slice of pizza, but left it for you kids!

In fact, we wanted the whole pizza for ourselves but then, we remembered giving birth to you…

We are not as strong as we pretend to be. In fact, our back is killing us right now.

We make mistakes

But we have secret super powers to cover them up.

We cry ourselves to sleep after punishing you for being disobedient

In fact we hate ourselves for not being good enough.

We dread the summer vacations as much as you look forward to it

Yes, all brave mothers! You are not the only ones! *group hug*

How do we get away with all those deep dark secrets, if you may ask.

Well the truth is….

our love overcomes all the flaws we have

No matter how imperfect we all are, the one thing that unites us all is the fact that we love you unconditionally.

Happy mother’s day to all the strong mommies out there! And happy mother’s day to me from my son who didn’t let me finish this article on time.

Much love.