5 Fails from the Hum TV Awards!

Hum Tv Awards have been a popular “much awaited” and “looked up to” event for the Pakistani entertainment industry. The audience has always been very interested in the annual Award function which is undoubtedly one of the greatest fun-filled, extravagant and super glamorous events.

However, Hum Awards are usually structured as such that it is almost inevitable to avoid pointing out discrepancies and faulty alignments. Be it the pomp and show of clothing that isn’t really a representative of the nation or the extremely “unnecessary” Bollywood imitated performances (Don’t even talk about the copied scripts)

Although Hum TV has put a fair amount of effort in bringing us such an entertaining show, which we totally commend; there have been times that the Award show completely failed us.

Here are the top 5 times that Hum Awards proved to be a total disaster:

5) In 2015 – When Ahmed Ali Butt walked around the audience, wearing feathered wings, pretending to be a fashion personality and calling everyone darling, asking HSY to give him a kiss, asking Javed Sheikh “Kitni ke hain?”

4) In 2016 – When Hamza Ali Abbasi cracked jokes that hardly anyone laughed at :s (Bhai Please!)

3) In 2016 – When Mawra and Urwa looked like vision (from an alien planet) in their outfits for “Lets Nacho + Kheench meri Photo” performance. 

2) In 2016 – When the audience got bored of too many technical difficulties. To top it all, Ahmed Ali Butt tried cracking jokes and ended up dragging Gohar Rasheed on stage, who was donning an eccentric design by Golabo, and asked if he was trying to strengthen ties between Pakistan and Taiwan

1) When celebrities took “trends” way too seriously. Uzair Jaswal ended up looking like an undernourished ostrich, while Sarwat Gilani managed to look a dressed up tea-cosy!

We certainly cant wait to be a critique for the Hum Awards that just took place . Lets hope to not find any major glitches this time.