Wonder Woman’s Twitter Battle with Thor! 

We’re in love with Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman had us all “Girl Power FTW!”) The fact that she filmed Wonder Woman while 5 months pregnant with her second child is enough for us to know that this woman is amazing!

Gal called on Chris Hemsworth on Twitter the other day and boy did we enjoy this mini battle!

She said in the short clip that people ask her who would win a battle between the two superheroes- Wonder Woman or Thor? And she obviously thinks it would be Wonder Woman (yaaaas!!)

This classy and at the same time cute exchange of Tweets was just what we needed to make our day!

Fans Approved! #WonderWomanxThor

Here’s the actual Tweet:

To which Chris replied:

Would you like to see Wonder Woman and Thor Battle it out? Who do you think will win?! Our vote is with Wonder Woman!!