Why Chain Aye Na’s trailer has made us extremely “Bechain”…

Have you seen the trailer of the century? If not then do check out ‘Chain Aye Na

This is an upcoming Lollywood blockbuster, all set to release on 21st July 2017 (more like should have been released in 1997 and should have been forgotten by now)

Here’s what you have missed out on if you haven’t had the honor of viewing this yet. And if you’ve seen it, then please torture yourself once again, and watch this with us:


No no guys, this wasn’t the movie, this was just the trailer. I think Syed Noor hired a 10-year-old kid to make this one with the awesome video transitions and effects! Good job kiddo- but they decided to edit it a bit and make it look much more glamorous …


… by getting rid of 50% of the initial trailer time—nooo, why, we LOVED the bold and creative text captions:

#RoohAfzaSacrifice is the #RealDeal

How else would we have figured out about:

and of course:

While any XYZ can deduce that the shooting for this movie began in the early 1800s, we are seriously questioning Shahroz Sabzwari’s choices in life. Like, seriously, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? (Then again, his role in his latest drama serial Teri Raza also shows him as a poorly dressed buwaaaye).

Everything about this movie is making us cringe. From the prolonged, low-budget, extremely dissatisfying mehndi dance performance to Adil Murad not living up to his legendary father Waheed Murad’s stature. Let’s give him points though for advocating consensus prior to physical advancements.

“Can I Kiss……….(10 mins later in the trailer) your hand?


Oh and for risking his life by nearly getting bulldozed in the making of this breathtaking film:

What this movie has in store for us should be left as a mystery for now… do let us know if you agree with us?