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The Not So Hyped About – Dear Zindagi, From a Different Perspective!


It has been observed over the past few years, that Bollywood is becoming more about spreading awareness and taking a refuge in cause based storylines rather than actually working on strong productions. However, this cannot be completely relied on, for there are a number of reasons people watch a movie for (definitely not only to go get a lesson).

Dear Zindagi is yet another Gauri Shinde creation which unlike her “English Vinglish” got hammered. The movie that reveals the hymns of a prosperous happy and majorly fruitful life has not enjoyed much success which is very disappointing. Through conversations of two amazingly sketched characters, the direction has provided the audience a chunk of how to lead a simple but happy life. It is however, unfortunate, that the movie wasn’t much hyped about and the turnout was even less.

With a cast like King Khan, Alia Bhatt and Kunal Kapoor, why wasn’t the film able to draw masses? Despite all the hate and social media bashing, there are a number of reasons why we feel everyone, especially women SHOULD watch the movie.

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Before we start our list of why this movie is recommended by us, we feel it is very important to highlight that this movie portrays a damaged woman’s revival and self-reassurance along with real self-discovery through unconventional psychotherapeutic means and understanding of balanced mental health.

Often a times, we find ourselves wallowing in the valleys of despair, with no one to turn to for guidance, this movie can be a guiding light for all those who fail to understand leading a simple and happy life isn’t all about flashy belongings rather there is simple formula to unlock contentment.

The movie wasn’t a hit, but we think it is still a must watch because the movie offers adequate humor to indulge into, amalgamated with a powerful message for all young girls. The movie revolves around the talented Alia Bhatt who has showcased her charismatic self in a more than just commendable way. Her natural confidence coupled with maturity towards acting and portraying real life experiences of women nowadays left this not-so-love letter like lesson to life movie (which it was actually intended to be) to be an extraordinarily subtle package worth watching.

The end which was mostly incoherent and irrelevant, wraps up the story in a positive way. If not to praise the writer/director for her creation, she must be praised for putting forward the fact that women need to open up to someone and need constant guidance for them to continue their struggle for a happy life and not walk astray.

We have all had doses of why Dear Zindagi shouldn’t be watched, The Blush Works is here to tell you the opposite. Go watch it, even if it fails to impress you, we are sure you will bring home a message that will resonate within you at least for a significantly long time period.

By: kainat Kamal