Movie Review: Aye Dil Hai Mushkil

All Bolly-fans were going gaga waiting for this one and unfortunately it came with a lot of mixed reviews. To be honest, I’m a major bollywood romance fan but I was not intrigued by ADHM’s trailer; I still went… for Fawad Khan and Ranbir of course! *all that eye candy*

Funnily though, I was not disappointed at all; in fact, after a very long time, I thoroughly enjoyed (at least the first half). I properly laughed out loud at many scenes (the last time this happened was when I went to watch Tanu Weds Manu Returns). The thing is, I am not a major fan of zabardasti ka cheap, dirty humour that is seen in most Bollywood and Lollywood cinema nowadays. ADHM’s humour was modest in no way, but still much more enjoyable than many others.


Here is what I LOVED about the movie:

  • Lisa Haydon- her character and her acting: just the right amount of overacting to actually qualify as being entertaining
  • RANBIR. Everything about him. Acting, charisma, character, dancing, humour. Everything.
  • Fawad Khan. Of course. He plays a different type of an individual as opposed to what we are used to seeing him as. The smile and the dancing: win win.
  • The songs. Absolutely LOVE. My favourites are “The Breakup Song” and the slow version of Channa Mereya that Ranbir sings at the end of the movie.
  • The special appearances were interesting *no details to avoid spoilers*
  • Ash looks stunning. Definite eye candy. (This coming from someone who is NOT an Ash fan!)


Here is what I disliked about the movie:

  • Anushka Sharma- nothing personal but I really do feel that she is the most over-rated actress in Bollywood at the moment. She brings nothing exquisite to the table. In this movie, she overdoes her ‘too cool for school’ attitude. In fact, she overdoes everything. I couldn’t help but picture Deepika being a much better choice for this character (biased much!)
  • Fawad Khan’s role was MINUTE. The trailers are deceiving!!
  • Ranbir putting mehndi on his hands (disturbing)
  • Mini SPOILER: Ranbir’s over desperation and not accepting being friendzoned and Anushka’s insistence that her feelings are far more complex and superior to normal people’s feelings
  • SPOILER: cancer was an unnecessary plot-twist. It felt like a desperate attempt to force the audience into tears.
  • As much as I enjoyed the movie, one thing is apparent: the LACK of a proper story. The protagonists seem to be living very shallow, unreal lives. You may come out of the cinema pondering over the actual point of the movie; but then again, is there ever a point behind 90% of the movies we watch?
  • Also, for the conservative people, this is NOT a family movie.

I think this pretty much sums up my views. Let me know if you agree of disagree. I will still recommend that you take out time to watch Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. For all the reasons listed above, duh.

By Madiha Noor