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Artist Spotlight: Ali Sufian- The Lame Brown Dude

brown lame dude
lame brown dude
Image Courtesy: Ali Sufian Wasif “Lame Brown Dude

Who doesn’t know Ali Sufian AKA “The Lame Brown Dude” , this multitalented guy from Lahore is the ultimate entertainment package! Team Blush Works recently caught up with Ali and here’s what he had to share exclusively with us!  (Oye Hoye Hoye Hoye Hoye Hoye!!)

The Blush Works: Who is Ali Sufian, tell us about yourself?

Ali Sufian Wasif: Ali Sufian is a Lahori guy , an accountant by force (LOL) but loving it since it pays bills (Alhamdulillah), a musician , metal head , a photographer , a social media addict and a hopeless cricketer.

TBW: If that’s you, who is the Lame brown dude?

ASW: Lame Brown Dude was a brown stick figure with extreme lame jokes like there was a comic about how Maula Jutt asks superman to give him his cape , mistaking it for his “Phain da Dupatta” , one day I uploaded a completely random video which had mom in it “ Anwer Masood Gone Wrong” and it received so much good feedback that people started demanding more and I kept making them and thus the real Lame Brown Dude was born.

brown lame dude1
Image Courtesy: Ali Sufian Wasif “Lame Brown Dude


TBW: Who or what is your inspiration, what is your story?

ASW:My inspiration as an actor is Zafri Khan and the stories are more or less based on my personal experiences.

TBW: How did an accountant get the idea of becoming a social media entertainer?

ASW: Being an accountant was never part of the plan for me, it was just my dad’s wish. I belong to a very talented family , my dad was a singer himself and a harmonium player , my grandfather was a poet and painter , so creativity is something very natural for me , social media just provided a platform to me and others like me to utilize our talent.

brown lame dude2
Image Courtesy: Ali Sufian Wasif “Lame Brown Dude

TBW: You are a musician too, tell us about it.

ASW:I have been playing drums , piano , guitar and have been singing since school days . At one time in college I was part of several different bands , was a metal vocalist in one , a guitarist and composer in other and drummer for a desi rock band . Formed a band in dubai as well and we performed to collect a lot of charity for Pakistani flood victims , but that was years ago and everything just took a pause due to working hours of my fulltime day job. Meanwhile I released 2 songs from Lame Brown Dude platform , Wadda Puttar and Maula.

TBW: With the internet boom, and social media development, where do you see yourself in the future?

ASW: My target has never been to become famous or earn millions of likes , I am someone who speaks out on every other issue our country and society faces. I believe when people are ready to listen to you, you should give them something worth listening to. I will not let the greed of fame or likes takeover my sense of responsibility , it sometimes brings me negative attention as well , so I am not sure about anything related to my work in future , ill just keep doing what I am doing right now and rest is upto Allah.

TBW: If not the “lame brown dude”, what would you rather be?

ASW: Lame Brown Dude is stuck with me now due to sudden attention it received, before that I was known as “Ustad G” of “Urdu Classain” , a page I created long time back when Facebook pages used to be FAN PAGES , it was a page about literal urdu translation of English terms , like DO THE DEW “ Shabnam ko Karo!” Yeah, I know it sounds awkward . After that I created another page Sarcasmistan and started many trends which are still being followed by a lot of people , so , things keep changing.

brown lame dude3
Image Courtesy: Ali Sufian Wasif “Lame Brown Dude


TBW: Name your favorite

Color – Black

Food – Tripe ( Ojhri ) , Bhindi Gosht , Mutton Do Pyazza , Haleem , etc etc etc

Brand – not Brand conscious at all but I do love Police and CAT Watches .

Celebrity – Chef Gordan Ramsay ( he is my spirit animal )

Punchline ” Toilet say aker banda kisi naram c jaga per baithey , aeysi feeling ati hai jaisay saray qarzay maaf hogaye”

TBW:What has social media offered you and are you happy with it?
ASW:It has offered me a platform to speak , to show my talent , to inspire others and to send a message to those who never believed in me but are now trying to get back after realizing the success I have achieved Alhamdulillah .

TBW: What advice do you have for those who look up to you as an idol

ASW: Be as original as possible , don’t go for likes , don’t go for fame , speak when it matters , we are not taking all this fame and likes and money with us to the afterlife so never worry about it , just worry about how you can do things which can make your and other’s life better.

By: Kainat Kamal and Naima Zahin