Did Bollywood Celebrities Achieve Their 2016’s Resolutions?

New Year resolutions are easy to make but hard to accomplish. Let’s have a glimpse of the resolutions that Bollywood celebrities made in the beginning of 2016. And more importantly whether they succeeded in achieving those resolutions.

Neil Nitin Mukesh:

Neil Nitin Mukesh

Neil is a family oriented actor with a lot of love and respect for his family. His resolution of 2016 was to make his parents happy and blissful and he thinks he has achieved that. He says that his partner (to be), Rukmini was by his side on the way of attaining this target. His family means the world to him & he always wants to bring honor and joy to his family.

Tapsee Pannu:

tapasse pannu

Wasting food is really a big sin for Tapsee. She feels strongly about not wasting food, and had decided not to cook more than she can eat. She stood firm on her ground for most part of 2016 but she has been really busy in last couple of months and was not able to focus on her resolution.

Richa Chadha:


Richa’s resolution for 2016 was to pay back to society. She did achieve her resolution through a campaign she started for the rehabilitation of victims of sex trafficking. Her Other resolutions were to remain healthy, happy and persistent and work smartly than hard instead.

Ali Fazal:


He didn’t make any resolutions in 2016! In his view, a year is too long to be broken up into several plans. He desired for a new car, and he got it. He aimed for a challenging role and he succeeded in getting it too. He was assisting certain individuals in fighting diseases. He couldn’t have done a lot to save them but those people will always remain engraved in his resolutions.

Madhur Bhandarkar:


He has seemed to have achieved his resolution of 2016. He aimed to regularly work out and so he did. He is also a wanderlust who made a resolution to travel two places last year – Vienna and Milan and wanted to explore them. He did that too. He is looking forward to more traveling in 2017.

Swara Bhaskar:


Unfortunately, Swara failed to follow her diet plan, being regular at gym and workout routine. She considers it as a very big failure of 2016 for her.

Ssharad Malhotra:


Ssharad remained workaholic in 2016 as it was his resolution to give all of his time to his TV show and he was successful in that. He had no time for love though. His 2017’s resolution is to give his love all his time.

Arjun Bijlani:


Arjun decided to pay attention to his fitness 2016 and he did it well. He also wanted to be the part of the show “Jhalak Dikhla Ja” and he succeeded in that too and he thinks that it was the most wonderful thing that happened to him in 2016. His 2017’s resolution is to spend time with his son Ayaan who needs his complete attention.