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Celebrities Welcoming 2017


While we bid farewell to some of the greatest names of the entertainment industry in 2016, celebrities are trying to instill a ray of hope by welcoming 2017 with all the more zeal and enthusiasm. Showing high spirits, these celebrities are trending for their awesome display of optimism.

Have a look at what New Years Resolutions these Celebrities have:

1. Junaid Khan – Call

Trending for his power packed comeback performances, Junaid Khan of Call is making a name worldwide. From major Coke studio Hits to TV serials, this guy has had a good year!!! With lots achieved in 2016, he moves forward to 2017 welcoming it with the new years resolution that gives us all the hope to overcome the tragedies we faced this year.

Junaid says: “One thing that I keep pursuing every year is trying to be a better human being. Will continue to improve on that the next year too. Professionally, Call’s next music video releasing on the 1st of January, really excited about that, followed by my solo album early next year. Plus some interesting projects on the acting front”.


2. Mawra Hocane

The newest most wanted celebrity, Hocane has accomplished a lot in 2016. stepping into the new year with the same enthusiasm this young girls posted:
“As we stand at the last day of 2016, I want to extend my gratitude & love to each one of you who made this year so special. I noticed people refer to one of the years of their life as the turning point and didn’t know what it meant till today. This is it! This is my year, it taught me everything, patience, compassion , gratitude , forgiveness & most importantly it validated what I always believed in, working ridiculously hard is the only way to work! God has been exceptionally kind & I hope I’m able to prove myself worthy of his kindness and blessings & WOWZER what results , you/your love is the fruit of my constant struggle over years. THANKYOU for a Beautiful , overwhelming , Memorable 2016 & I look forward to an even better 2017. Let’s Love more, Work harder, show more compassion to who matters and who doesn’t, wish well for each other at all times & Dive into yet another blessing, a NEW YEAR”!!!!!!

3. Hassan Tariq – Men With Panache

The young, the talented, the very stylish. Hassan Tariq of men with Panache has given us some real fashion tips and chunky reviews this year. From an amazing Azaadi shoot with him, to all the lovely meetings, BW holds a special bond with this mens fashion blogger. catching up with Hassan, we asked him for his New Years Resolution.

Hassan: “I am aiming towards contributing Pakistani fashion in terms of covering it in such a way that adds value and enhances the image, since a lot of good work is being done and It needs to be presented accordingly”


4. Haroon Rasheed

Haroon Rasheed is an asset to Pakistan. with his amazing Burka Avengers to the greatest “dil se” he has proven to be one of the many influential entertainers of the industry. Upon inquiry, we found that Haroon’s new Years resolution is:
“My New Years resolution is to do whatever I can in my own small way to contribute to making Pakistan and the world a better place”
So what if 2016 was tough? These celebrities have set a standard of hope for us. Let us not wallow in the valleys of despair, but follow their footsteps and welcome 2017 with open arms.