Cast of Baytwatch: Where Are They Now

Who doesn’t remember the hit lifeguard series Baywatch, it gave us the very sexy Pamela Anderson and of course the dashing David Hasselhoff.

Wonder where the oh-so-sexy star cast is now?

Mitch Buchannon (Played by David Hasselhoff)

From Knightrider to Baywatch, Hasselhoff played one of the main characters in the series. We’ve seen David appear in a number of shows and was on of the judges on America’s Got Talent. He’s currently in a relationship with Hayley Roberts and lives in South California with his family. Spoiler Alert: We’ll be seeing him play Mitch Buchannon in the Baywatch Film (Releasing May 2017)

CJ Parker (Played by Pamela Anderson)

Oh we know we would wait for CJ running to save a life, because of course she looked hot AF!! Pamela Anderson’s life has been a roller coaster ride including her marriage to Tommy Lee (including a very famous sex tape) Pamela will be seen playing the famous character again in the Baywatch Film (Releasing May 2017)

Matt Brody (Played by David Charvet)

The French actor brought a lot of heat to the series, after his stint at Baywatch ended, he went on to pursue a musical career in France and even appeared on Melrose Place. Married to Brooke Burke, the couple has two kids.

Hoby Buchannon (Played by Jeremy Jackson)

Hoby was the cute little son of Mitch Buchannon. Jeremy Jackson beat Leonardo DiCaprio to this role. Unfortunately Jackson got sucked into drugs and addiction and was arrested some time back over a stabbing incident.

We can’t wait for The Baywatch Film set to release May 2017, starring Zac Effron, Priyanka Chopra and Dwayne Johnson!!

Eeek! Memories 😍😍😍