Krrish 2

Bollywood the Confused!

Nothing’s flawless, In particular the Bollywood films we are always so excited to watch too, aren’t perfect! When it comes to entertaining us, least do the film-makers realize that the audience has a special eye for all the intended, non-intended blunders you make! There are slip-ups wherever in our desi films we see. However, lets offer those folks a reprieve, with our take on the funny/confused/absolutely dumb/lame Bollywood movies. Here, we’ve aggregated a rundown of some senseless Bollywood motion picture botches.
Look at them. We ensure, you’ll watch the first recordings again once you’re done reading!
⦁ Did you know, timely first aid could move the bullet wound from neck to arm? Well, you haven’t watched hum dil de chuke sanam carefully!

hum dil de chuke sanam

Hum dil de chuke sanam-2

⦁ South-Indians are secretly Christians. That’s what ShahRukh’s burial in Ra-One suggests


⦁ And South-Indians turned Christians can have their ashes immersed in a river too. NOW THAT’S DIVERSITY.

⦁ And South-Indians turned Christians

⦁ When your blind date is sexy Katrina Kaif, you can forget all your injuries and woo her with your moves.

⦁ When your blind date is sexy Katrina Kaif
⦁ Bike pe jaga ho na ho, dil main honi chahye! Bike turns into a jeep, Pyaar ka Punchnama tells us how treating your bike at a dhaba can actually help it grow!

Pyaar ka Punchnama

⦁ Did you know you could get your trip planned to Italy and manage to get a free pit-stop at Széchenyi Chain Bridge above the Danube river in Hungary! Well, Bollywood says so!

Aishwarya Rai

⦁ If you are a genius, but away for 2 years, your wife can still be pregnant! Okay, maybe JADOO wanted to be a daddy!

Krrish 2

⦁ The little girl Anjali in kuch kuch hota hai had super powers!! Yes, we meant it. After all, her mother left her 8 letters, one for each birthday and well, she managed to read them all, in just 8 years! Wow. Did that mean she could read at 1?

Anjali in kuch kuch hota hai

But then, we must give Bollywood the credits, when all else fails, its Bollywood that gives our required dose of laughter. So it’s clear, Bollywood is the best, even at making blunder! so yeah, ALL is WELL!!!!