Blogger Spotlight: Dina Amin

Dina Amin is an Egyptian expat living in Dubai. A wife and mom of 2 girls, a pharmacist witha huge passion for fashion and beauty.

She launched @chicbydina on Instagram where she shares her daily outfits and inspires her followers with ideas to style the same piece in different ways.

The Blush Works: Hashtags that describe you
Dina Amin:
#socialbutterfly #shopaholic #superemotional

TBW: Favourite Website

TBW: One social media account you follow religiously
DA: @fozaza

TBW: One book you’d recommend
DA: 7 habits of highly effective people

TBW: One film role you think you could have played better or you think you can relate to.
DA: Rose in Titanic

TBW: Favourite workout
DA: Cycling

TBW: What’s your all time favorite song
DA: Shape of you

TBW: Talking about songs, your favourite artist/band
DA: Ed Sheeran

TBW: Favourite TV Show
DA: The Ellen show

TBW: Last movie you watched?
DA: La La Land

TBW: Shopaholic or Foodie?
DA: Both

TBW: What was the last thing you bought
DA: Valentino Shoes

TBW: Best thing you can cook/bake
DA: Pizza

TBW: Favourite holiday destination 
DA: Egypt

TBW: Favourite restaurant in Dubai
DA: The Meat Co

TBW: Favourite fashion designer 
DA: Elie Saab

TBW: Your style icon
DA: Fozaza

TBW: Favourite high street store
DA: Zara

TBW: Must have beauty product
DA: Makeup remover wipes

TBW: One celebrity you’d like to go on a date with
DA: Roushdy Abaza

TBW: Describe yourself in three words
DA: Social butterfly, Super Sensitive, Foodie