Balu Mahi: A fortunate, Unfortunate Happenstance

TEASERS ARE OUT!!! And we are already in love with the celebration of romance in an utterly unique manner!!!!

Ballu Mahi, is a romantic, situationally humorous, melodramatic Sadia Jabbar Production. This directorial debut for the big screen, by Haissam Hussain is an adventurous tale of two stranger souls that find themselves in the midst of emotional misfortune that brings them together and drifts them apart one after the other.

This Pakistani movie being desperately awaited is to be released on February 10th, 2017. The Cast features two of Pakistan’s most celebrated actors, Ainy Jafri and Osman Khalid Butt in a lead role while the gorgeous Sadaf Kanwal, a well-known model is to make her debut in the film industry with this one.

bulu mahi1

Balu Mahi is written by the writer of ‘Bachaana’, Saad Azhar who is known to captivate the audience with his powerful screenplay and story line. The film promises an electrifying, oft hilarious, visually stunning and emotionally touching travel experience. It portrays the city of lights, Lahore and the beautiful North on a canvas we must admit to be larger-than-life.

As the Pakistani cinema continues to enjoy one hit after another, all eyes on Balu Mahi and its team for bringing another Blockbuster for the industry to cherish.

bulu mahi 2

The first look of the movie, a teaser of its Qawwali “Rung de Chunnar” and trailer is out. Here is The Blush Work’s take on Balu Mahi’s released trailers:

  1. The Qawwali sneak-peek is everything the marketing team of this movie meant to show the audience. It is complete in itself and definitely mesmerizing.
  2. Ainy Jafri, despite her long history in the industry, looks most elegantly styled in this Romantic comedy. Without a doubt, she looks absolutely ravishing in the simple and traditional attire.
  3. Osman Khalid Butt has spell bound the audience yet again with his acting skills and shown what he is capable of in this short teaser released.
  4. The few minutes long teaser featuring the lead characters shows the adventures of the two amalgamated with prayers for eternal love at a shrine, coupled with the maestro, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s mesmerizing voice as a cherry on top.
  5. The backdrop of Lahori shenanigans makes the teaser even more of an eye catching conundrum.
  6. The teaser has perfectly helped the audience picture the chemistry between this new couple, Ainy Jaffri and Osman Khalid Butt which was obviously the highlight and the main attraction audience is looking forward to.

bulu mahi3

As the top Pakistani editorial systems have put it, the teaser will leave you wanting for more, and it is definitely a cinematic masterpiece! If the star cast pulls the project off even half as brilliantly as they have in the teaser, this one is in for huge success!

All the very best to the team of ‘Balu Mahi’ from The Blush Works and its followers. Looking forward to indulging into a blissfully surreal, mesmerizing experience.


By Kainat Kamal