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Yasra-Hadi or Urwa-Farhan, Criticism Is All We Have!


Be it the glamorous, fun-filled wedding ceremony of Urwa Farhan, or a simple one like Yasra Rizvi’s, we never fail to criticize public figures to an extent where the feeble line between criticizing and ridiculing simply vanishes. But why shouldn’t we? Afterall, Celebrities like Momina Mustehsan and Aiman Khan should realize how important it is, to keep in mind, the sentiments of the Pakistani awaam before taking a decision, which is only and only their personal one!

So, criticism is all we have, from the pomp and show by Anush Ammar to extremely simple Yasra Rizvi, we believe bashing them all would bring Pakistan some fame, economic stability, peace and what not. let us all simply focus on poking our noses into matters that aren’t even our business rather than toiling for our country’s prosperity because who cares if there is poverty or illiteracy, social media pe fuss create karna zada zaroori hai.


Just recently, Yasra Rizvi, made the last stride of her relationship, and married Abdul Hadi, a 10-year-younger guy. Not at all like the wedding services of most big names, she was very basic and included a somewhat humble approach. The age contrast of the couple was not the only thing the audience couldn’t digest, as Abdul Hadi more youthful, energetic and much humble agreed on Paying as Mehr, the gift of Namaz-e-Fajr to Yasra. Of course it was a big deal because we’re used to the zeros in millions that are paid as Mehr and when it comes to celebrities, being simple is just not what we expect, so yes! we criticized her.

Yasra Rizvi, who hails from Islamabad, was born in 1982. She started her acting profession in the wake of finishing her Masters from the UK, at first performing in plays, in the long run heading towards TV shows and drama serials, she is presently drawn in with Baji Irshaad, a show serial on Express Entertainment.

Yasra Rizvi and her better half Abdul Hadi got married by keeping the festivals to a great degree straightforward. Subsequent to proposing Yasra on the 15th of December, the couple at last got hitched on the 30th of December. In any case, at whatever point any open figure chooses to unfurl another section in their life, individuals tend to remark however much as could reasonably be expected and abstain from giving out supplications. Our general public picked not exclusively to remark on the age distinction introduce between the couple additionally chose to discuss the haq mehr doled out between the two.


The wedding was simple and indeed contrary to the trending oh-so–lush weddings. The couple stuck to keeping things on a low profile but even then, couldn’t protect themselves from the comments thrown at them!

But why must we interfere in every matter? Why must we ridicule decisions that others take for themselves and criticize the choices they make? It  is solely Yasra and Hadi’s decision and must be respected by all. if not respected, at least accepted!

However, Yasra has made her stance on the marriage very clear and has given a shutup call to all those who tried to bring her down. And well, this marriage is a lesson for all of us, because neither the money nor the age matters, when its about love, it should remain that way.