The Most Bizarre Celebrity Dress Ups

Nope. This is not Halloween we are talking about. Neither is this a mention of any theme party. We are talking about the moments when various celebs just “felt like” dressing up that way.

The celebs, being celebs, are sure to turn head with their public appearances… so what make them wear that crazy stuff to actually lead to a 360 degrees turning of heads that could be harmful!


People are said to wear their hearts on sleeves, but this is Rihanna we are talking about. The Disturbia girl actually dressed up in a fur heart coat worth 15,500$ and roamed the streets of NY. Some speculated that is has something to do with her then boyfriend Drake. But she shut them up by posting her picture with a caption “I <3 NY”. I mean woaaaah! That’s how u show your love for a city!


Okay! Now that is something bizarre AND cool at the same time. The party popper looked like neon confetti in MTV music awards (where she bagged the award, mind you!). Her get up looked even more funky when there was a blackout, letting the neon paint take a full effect.


Talking about bizarre getups and not mentioning Gaga is as weird as her meaty dress. This will be no surprise for many since her dress sparked aggressive reactions from all over the world. To which she replied,

“As you know, I’m the most judgment-free human being on the Earth. The dress has many interpretations, but for me this evening it’s that ‘If we don’t stand up for what we believe in, if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones.’ “


There you go again! This time Gaga literally chickened out in public. With a golden beak, yellow dress and a hideous mask, lady Gaga provided means for the people to ROAST her.

Check out the expressions of the guy escorting her..even he is having second thoughts..


Another celeb worth mentioning here is our very own Katy Perry. Wearing this adorable candy carousel dress in MTV Europe Music Awards, Perry looked too much sweet and too little weird.

Well that’s about it. Who do you think won the bizarre dress award? That’s for you to decide. But on a serious note, not every celeb trend is meant to be followed. Some are there just to make sure you don’t sleep well at night.