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The Hilarious Celebrity Reactions to Oscars 2017


“It was the weirdest TV finale since “lost”

As the host Jimmey Kimmel puts it

Like every year, this year’s Oscars were one of the most anticipated events of the year as everyone was eager to know who made it to the nominations and who will actually hold it high. But what made the event even more of a hot topic was that huge mix up that literally made for an event of its own in the history of Oscars. What began as the most anticipated announcement for the “best movie” turned into a chain of confusions. The category, announced by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway turned into a scene from a tragic-comedy movie itself when “La La Land” was announced winner instead of “Moonlight”. The former movie team came rushing to the stage with pride, immediately followed by the latter team making it look like a circus.

Jimmey further narrated it in his monologue

“and now we have producers of 2 movies on stage and who the hell even knows who is who from which movie and I am standing there like an idiot!”

Being the host for the event, Jimmy was the one who had to face most inquiry by media and he didn’t miss a single chance to answer in the most hilarious way. When asked why didn’t Beatty asked for help when he knew it was a wrong card, Jimmy responded,

“He’s [Beatty] had so much sex in his life he can’t think of things like that.”

This event drove the social media crazy and other celebrities also came forward with some hilarious narrations of the moment.

The ever famous Dwayne The Rock shared a picture of the exact moment on instagram when the confusion occurred that managed to capture some epic expressions!

Where social media went crazy, people like Jimmy Fallon came up with hilarious explanations regarding the incident.

“It was a crazy moment in fact, moonlight director said that he was SPEECHLESS. Not because he was surprised but because he had torn up his speech when lala land was announced!”

However, the incident ended happily for the winners. If it actually was a prank, it was cruel one and if it was a publicity stunt, it sure as hell worked for them. But as the saying goes,

“You can never make the same mistake twice”

Oh wait….. isn’t it already the second time if we count the Miss Universe mix up by Steve Harvey as first.

Steve must have just taken a sigh of relief but, unfortunately, was dragged again into this matter reminding him again of what he did. His hilarious tweet made so much sense.

The Miss Universe also tweeted something quite similar

Even Jimmy Kimmel didn’t spare the poor man.

That didn’t end here.. the event was also dipped into political gravy as Billy Crystal came up with a juicy remark,

“Amazing  ending. Wish that had happened on Election Day.”

I would beg to differ here, because even if “La La Land” had won, immigrants would have still been living peacefully in U.S.A….


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