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Remembering Waheed Murad – The Legend


The Waheed Murad… Words wont do justice in explaining the charisma he had! Waheed Murad left a void in the entertainment industry, took acting to a whole new level and became the most loved “CHOCOLATE HERO“, to whom all actors will look up to, as a mentor for splendid acting skills.


He was the legend of Pakistani silver screen, and was additionally an essayist, executive and filmaker who entered the industry with the expectation of putting forth, some genuine expressions about the country and its stance on entertainment.

Born in Karachi, Sindh, Murad began his movie profession as cameo in 1959 in the film Saathi when he was 21 years old. His insidious facial motions, strong sentimentalism and charming execution style amid picturization of melodies made him gigantically well known.

As an actor Waheed Murad showcased his talents in more than 120 films yet he additionally produced 11 titles under his standard, Film Arts.

He was an actor, producer and script author, who never saw failure.

Waheed Murad was celebrated for his enchanting expressions, appealing identity, delicate voice and exceptionally unique acting abilities. He is considered as a standout amongst the most celebrated and compelling actors of South Asia.


Amid the 1960s and mid 1970s, he produced films like Insaan badalta hai (1961) (his first film as a producer), Armaan (1966), Ehsaan (1967), Naseeb apna (1970) and Mastana mahi (Punjabi film of 1971).

Be that as it may, after Mastana Mahi he produced no film with the exception of Hero which was produced in the 1980s and was presented to the audience after his death anniversary.

Murad won a number of honors for acknowledgment of his services to the film business while in November 2010, after a long stretch of 27 years after his passing, the Pakistani government granted him with Sitara-e-Imtiaz, the third most noteworthy respect and regular citizen award by the State of Pakistan.

Murad produced eleven films under his dad’s set up `Film Art’. He was the most youthful film maker in the business around then. Murad’s acting style has the legacy of being taught in Indian and Pakistani film organizations.

He is considered as one of the spearheading Rock n’ Roll stars of Pakistan. His fans term him as the social symbol of the Pakistani Film Industry and we know him nothing less than A LEGEND!