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This is why Princess Diana was a Fashion Legend and a Style Icon


Words fail to deliver whenever we talk of Princess Diana, the princess of Wales, who even long after her sad demise remains alive in our hearts. Two decades later, Diana’s impeccable sense of fashion has earned her a rank equal to the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy as fashion legends. Her transition from the shy fiancé of Prince Charles who wore pearls and ruffled blouses to the sleek, confident and regal woman she became is such an impressive evolution of her style.

We can confidently say that the Princess of Wales redefined the royal dress code

From the moment she became an international figure, she also became one of the most photographed women in the world. Since clothes were always a personal passion, it was only natural that she quickly rose to the status of a global style icon. As a member of the British Royal family, her world required her to wear ball gowns and matching hats, but her style aesthetic was well beyond that. She was determined to bring forward a youthful, modern take on traditional classic tailoring – and so, she did just that. From shorter hemlines and lower necklines, she took all the right risks keeping up with the frightening pace of the fashion world, while still maintaining her own timeless elegance.

Today, we are paying a visit to some of Princess Diana’s many iconic style moments. Grab some hot chocolate, a box of tissues for when you tear up (which we assure you, you will!) and prepare to get mesmerized by some of the most stunning moments in fashion history which inspire us even today.

July, 1981

Princess Diana wears an antique lace wedding dress designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. Valued at £9,000 in 1981, the dress was made of ivory silk taffeta with an extravagant 25-foot train capturing the very essence of the Eighties era, and inspiring countless eighties brides.

Today: We can easily see this beautiful wedding dress transforming into a dream wedding gown for a bride today, with just a few alterations. The use of lace and ivory is so current to today’s fashion scene, and as we all know, ruffles are making a strong comeback this season.

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November, 1995

Diana styles a structured baby blue blazer with a soft pleated cream chiffon skirt.

Today: This exact fashion combination was seen in the Dior spring 2017 runway, where the same outfit concept was redone in monochrome.  What makes this outfit even more current is the beautiful pairing of pastel shades.

1989, Visit to the Gulf States

The Princess wears a cobalt and white Catherine Walker suit with a matching clutch and Turban hat.

Today: Each separate item of this entire look can we worn today, except maybe the hat – although someone like Lady Gaga or Rihanna can rock that too. The bold pencil skirt paired with a crisp white crop top could make a slammin’ look. Or how about that blazer over a tailored jumpsuit? Also, how fabulous is that clutch?

1996, The Met Gala.

Princess Diana wears a Dior slip dress with lace detailing, way ahead of its time. She completes the look with her famous pearl and sapphire choker necklace.

Today: We can totally see Kendall Jenner slaying in this look. With such a sexy silhouette and hemline, this particular fashion choice screams today.

October, 1989 at the British Fashion Awards.

Diana wears this beautifully created silk strapless creation, encrusted with pearls and sequins with a breathtaking bolero. Famously dubbed as “The Elvis Dress”, this later on became one of the most popular outfits donned by the Princess after Franklin Mint produced a portrait Diana doll featuring her wearing the dress.

Today: This dress itself will have no trouble finding a spot on the Oscars red carpet. Blake Lively or Charlize Theron? We think both would do justice to this beautiful creation. The bolero can maybe make its own statement in another simpler look, with all the focus being on the bolero of course, and keeping everything else minimalistic.

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