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Parineeti Chopra Coming Out Of Priyanka’s Shadow


Looks like Parineeti Chopra doesn’t want to stay under her elder sister’s (Priyanka Chopra) shadow any more and is now breaking as a true star.

She recently released the song ‘Maana ke hum yaar nahin’ for the movie ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’

In the entire movie “Meri Piyaari Bindu” where she is seen singing a song, it is her own voice. Few people know that she has been properly trained in music.

However she is not keen on recording an album any time soon and instead just want to continue singing songs as they come. Her songs that are supposed to be released in the future are – Abhi Na Jao and Aiyye Meherbaan.

When asked what she thinks about Alia and Shraddha also singing songs today, she said:

“I swear I didn’t even think of all these things. I am so obsessed with music in life. When I was at that recording studio behind that mic, I was just thinking about me singing. And I just wanted to sing as technically sound as it could be. I didn’t want any autotune. What you hear in the song is my take. Nothing has been ‘fixed’. And I’m proud of the fact that it wasn’t required because I have learnt music. Using autotune would have been a slap on my music education”

Her first song with her her husky, powerful voice has left a deep impact on the listeners.

After Parineeti released the track on Twitter, she immediately got a lot of praises.

You can watch the video here