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Mahira Khan on Vogue India Cover!


Mahira Khan was recently featured in the June edition of Vogue India magazine.

In her pictures (that she shared on her facebook acccount) she looks as flawless as ever. She is carrying an all-natural look and with minimal make up. In the Vogue article she has mentioned about some of her beauty secrets and tips that are extremely simple to follow.

The 32 year old actress revealed said:

“I am definitely a minimalist. How I feel from the inside is far more important than make up or clothes. When I am at peace with myself, and generally having a good day, both professionally and personally, that’s when I feel the most beautiful”

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According to her all she needs is a lipstick and she is good to go out.

She also said

“There are days when I go out and look very glamourous and then, there are days when I just want to keep it simple: hair worn down, a lip colour, liner and some blush and a mascara, and I am done! My personal style is the reflection of my childhood and my later years in LA… it varies from classical (especially with traditional outfits) to boho and laid-back.”

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We will be posting an article on her entire interview, so stay tuned 🙂

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