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Gigi Gets Her Own Barbie – Forget Lil Girls, Even Grown-ups are Drooling Over It!


Remember when Katrina Kaif got a Barbie doll demonstrated after her, the world went crazy!

But guess what, it’s supermodel Gigi Hadid’s turn to get us going wowza after the Barbie that just got revealed for Tommy Hilfiger’s fashion show.

OH And we couldn’t be more happy!

Hadid never fails to inspire us and whether it be magazine covers, fashion shows or her prominent style statements, she is the new “EVERYTHING GIRLS WANNA BE” and “EVERYTHING BOYS WANNA HAVE”.

As Hadid got ready to commend her second collection with Tommy Hilfiger, Mattel gave fans a sneak look at the most awaited Barbie doll, and everyone’s dropped their jaws.

The toy organization had revealed photographs where Barbie and Hadid are going up against Los Angeles in their own particular Tommy looks. The doll isn’t available to be purchased to general public. But if we could just have the doll, we’d be extremely happy!

The runway appearance was a very different experience for both fashion and popular culture. Venice Beach was changed into Tommyland and highlight delight rides, neighborhood refreshment trucks, melodic exhibitions and a lot of must-see fashion all paled into insignificance as compared to the Gigi Barbie Doll.

Without a doubt, Gigi is perfect but lets not forget to admire the makers of the Barbie which is indeed just as flawless as her real self!

Kudos Tommy, kudos Gigi!