Dilip Kumar – Story of The Living Legend

Dilip Kumar, who was in reality, Yousaf Khan, took birth in a financially struggling family on the Dec 11th, 1922 in Peshawar (Pakistan). His name is in fact, a story of immense inspiration as it depicts how a mere fruit vendor went ahead to end up distinctly as India’s most noteworthy, most cherished and most sought after actor.


Dilip Kumar’s life as an actor started from May 1942 at Bombay Talkies Studio, Malad, Bombay. He was just 19 years and 5 months old around then. It is said that Devika Rani, a renowned actress of those times, who spotted him at Pune’s Military Canteen brought him to the world of entertainment. She instructed him to come to Bombay and offered him his first film ”Jawar Bhata”.

Yusaf Khan was given the screen name of Dilip Kumar (as a part of the bollywood name changing ritual back then) which took him on to a bumpy ride that brought him recognition together with the pain of being a struggling actor and a Pakistani soul.

From then on wards, predetermination had always been in store for Dilip Kumar. He went ahead to sign one sad film after another and in the long run came to be delegated as the ‘Catastrophe King’ of Bollywood on account of tragedy-stricken characters he played in movies like “Mela” (1948), “Deedar’ (1955).

Dilip Kumar is also praised for the commendable demonstrations of his versatility in movies like “Aan” (1953) where he played a Sword Slashing Prince; “Amar” (1954) where he portrayed being a rapist and “Leader” (1964) where he displayed the magic of his comic virtuoso.


Dilip, by every meaning of the word, was a true inspiration for bollywood entrants.

His melancholic face, loaded with the emotion of lonely love keeps on frequenting film beaus till today. The actor is considered to be “entertainment” in himself.

The lone ranger, shocked himself and the world too, when he wedded ‘glamorous lady’ Saira Bano in 1966. He was 44 around then and Saira was only 22. It was reputed that Saira was frantically infatuated with actor Rajinder Kumar. Since he was already happily married, Saira’s mother, Naseem Bano, fearing the mental desolation of her daughter, married her off to Dilip who had an unsaid inclination towards the young lady.


Dilip Kumar’s noteworthy movies were “Vidhata”, “Shakti” (1982) “Karma” (1986) and “”Saudagar”” (1991) Dilip Kumar starrer “Kalinga” was propelled with much ballyhoo in 1991.

“Qila” (1998) was Dilip Kumar’s last motion picture.

The performer did not perform for the camera from that point forward.

With Alzheimer, his well being may have weakened however, Dilip will keep on inspiring the eras, generations and actors yet to come.