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Daddy KJo’s Surrogate Twins!


He is a director, producer, anchor person and intermittent actor as well, but above all, a man with the kindest heart. As the co-creator of his own diaries, “An Unsuitable Boy“, Karan Johar expressed how he wanted to embrace a child or have a surrogate child to offer his love to.

On Sunday morning, Karan Johar affirmed he has turned into the father to twins whom he has named Yash and Roohi Johar. The babies were conceived by means of surrogacy. Karan said that he will raise the twins with his mother Hiroo and he is completely arranged, ecstatic and all geared up for this voyage. While Yash is Karan’s late father’s name, Roohi is a re-arranged word of his mother’s name Hiroo.

Whether or not his decision was wise is none of our concern! for someone to opt for surrogacy means opting to be a lone parent and diving into a deep sea of commitments for life. If Karan is all set to raise the twins and is determined to provide them with best of both worlds, then all we need to do is praise him for his commendable courage!

Karan Johar’s companions and partners from Bollywood including Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt and Farah Khan, have communicated their joy for the director, who has invited twins through surrogacy.

All we know for now is that KJo is now a daddy to twins who we expect to grow up into equally talented directors as their father.

Congratulation Karan!