Close-Up with “The Mistri” !

Multi talented Social Media sensation – The Mistri is an amazingly down to earth person!

Living in Los Angeles, “The Mistri” otherwise known as Maneet Abrol always wanted to be a singer since a very young age. As a toddler, Maneet’s mother used to sing RnB, Jazz and Punjabi music to put him to sleep, leading on to building up an enthusiasm for music and developing up singing the tunes from any semblance of Usher, Gladys Night and Jaspinder Narula.

“THE MISTRI” – pronounced “THE MYSTERY” is a craftsman who is hoping to consolidate the Punjabi music world with the western hip bounce/Rnb music scene, making a combination sound.The name “THE MISTRI” gets from his Sikh descent. It signifies “Gifted Artisan”, yet can likewise signify “MYSTERY”, something, which is confounding and obscure!

The Mistri’s “Tere Naal” is Out Now as a free download on The Mistri’s official soundcloud

And that’s not all, this mystery guy is also has us in fits of laughter with his all so viral videos as a comedian. With the power of social media, he brings to us some realities of life that not only cheer us up but prove to be a token of appreciation to all those who go through them every day.

The Blush Works caught up with this talented young soul and here is what we learnt:

What is the story behind your choice of social media name “The Mistri”?

The reason why I chose The Mistri is because it sounds like mystery in English but in Punjab it means carpenter, how is it related to me – well I literally carved myself into the person who I am now from me being fat to having a very closed in personality to losing weight which made me confident to put myself out there.

Who do you aspire to become?

Honestly, I love making people laugh and I feel like thats why I was brought in the world. I really want to do stand up and make the world laugh.

If given a choice, which comedian would you like to work with?

I would love to work with Dave Chappelle and my boy Akakaamazing, me and him if we ever meet would create something iconic!!

Who is your celebrity idol? And why?

I actually have two The Rock and Priyanka Chopra, both of them are amazing, they keep on striving for more and that’s really inspiring.

How has being a “desi” in a “gora” community been for you?

Haha its not been that bad actually except the fact everyone asks me “yo you a red dot Indian or a red Indian” I just laugh. These days its a bit tough, people look at my beard or listen to me talk in Punjabi automatically assume I am a bad person like please all I asked my mom was “paronthey hagay” haha but I guess thanks Trump paaji

Mash Ki Daal or Mac n Cheese? Mahira khan or Deepika Padukone? Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal?

Maa di Daal all day with gyo thats game over with buttered up fulkay – my life is made haha I am not sure who Mahira is and I am not a fan big fan of Deepika. I guess I’ll pick Mahira. Taj Mahal – I have never been there I really want to visit

What is being a social media sensation like?

It is amazing, the amount of love I receive daily is beautiful to me. People come up to me out of nowhere and be like ohh paaji its ju the video one haha then there are times when I have walked into a store and the guy didnt charge me for a drink just for a pic. I love the people that support me

What do you intend to convey to your followers and how would that help them?

My message to my followers is please never let go of any dream, any opportunity, always believe in yourself and stay motivated. We only have one life so live…

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