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Celebrity Dress Disasters at the IIFA 2017!


“Forget the rules, if you like it, wear it” .. they say. Errr…

Celebrities at the 18th IIFA award function took that a little too seriously.

Every year, Bollywood personalities step out to flaunt their styles and showcase the best of their wardrobes with grace and oodles of panache. Some of them give us #fashiongoals with their choice of dresses, while others simply make us look away (since they are too ugly to handle). This year, IIFA 2017 had too many of the later.

The fashion police cried for mercy as it witnessed horrendous outfit at the grand Bollywood night and rendered these worst dressed celebrities as major IIFA disasters.

Let us not keep you in dark and share with you, some of the scariest scenes of the green carpet. (warning: this contains a lot of horror, like seriously!!!)

1. Kalki Koelchin 

This gorgeous lady chose to dress up like a thinly sliced pink Balogne in this Gucci number. She perfectly gel backed her hair and decided on the lip color that added to the resemblance. Oh Kalki, why would you aspire to be like a sandwich ingredient?

2. Neha Dhupia

Neha has always topped the worst dressed looks and she did not give up her stance this time either. With a disastrous white and black Ball gown and a very confused sized black bow at the waist, Neha proved to be one of the biggest horrors of the night.

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3. Dia Mirza

Frills are in, but Dia…they failed you. Wearing this Rocky S number, Dia looked nothing but a notice board with everything pasted on it :s

what even?

4. Jim Sharbh

Dear Jim, please try not to wear a Kimono inspired tux next time. It was indeed  bold decision but just kill your designer for giving you a not-so-ranveer-singh-pseudo outfit. No it wasn’t very  flattering!

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5. Nida Yasir (Yes you read that right)

To top the disasters of IIFA 2017, our very own Nida made all out efforts. With the malfunctioned dress (dont even talk about the fitting) to the worst makeup and even horrendous expressions, Nida won the top position in this list.

Three slow claps or these celebrities, what were you even thinking?