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10 times Jacqueline Fernandez gave us major #HairGoals on Instagram


Braids, fishtails, slick dos, bed head curls: They’ve yet to invent a hairstyle that Fernandez can’t pull off with ease. Scroll through 10 of her coolest hairstyles which had us going, “I want that!”

When she had us itching to call the salon to schedule a blowout…daily.



When even a muted ponytail couldn’t keep Fernandez from strutting like a princess.

It was right out of a fairytale 🌟 love you @manishmalhotra05 ✨

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When this elaborate ‘do made us wish we were BFFs with the amazing Namrata Soni.

God knows how @namratasoni got me to sit still through this.. May God bless you 😂😘😃

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When she tried the braided crown at the Premier Badminton League opening ceremony and owned it.


When she jazzed up her all-red outfit with this spectacular quiff. (Psst: You are going to want to keep the hairspray handy for this one!)

Little red riding hood! #saregamapa #houseful3 #promotions #1weektogohouseful #soexcited tap pic for tags 😍😍😍

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When she went with slicked-back hair for a dance sequence and looked classy AF anyway.


Back in town and missing my family and my travel dairy is over😩but I am happy because I can see my latest work on #national #television😊from the #Bollywoodmovie #Bangistan #song #ISHQKARENGE finally did the #Indian #apsara(goddess) #look on @jacquelinef143 and u showed me again what #hardwork is during this song.In 3days without break u learned the full #choreography and u learned #Bharatanatyam … I know in what pain ur body was still not even 1ce u complained 🙏 #4LooksIn2Days and more than 20 hours of shoot and still having a smile and letting me do what I wanted(apsaralook)thank u 😘just wow. And because of u @ameira and @tasneemabrar also where on there toes … U both where just amazing to work with. #ameira I loved ur energy on set 🙏 and thank u sooooo much @sidvanshipley for this amazing video👍👍👍 and of course #hair and #makeup by #Shaanmu 😜 #ThankYouGod feeling #BLESSED 🙏🙏🙏 #nofilter #BehindTheScene #InsideVanitySectrets

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When her hair game was flawless at Cannes.


When she tried three pin waves and – surprise, surprise – absolutely rocked it.



When she experimented with a turban for a press meet and we couldn’t even…!


Plus, remember this sick hair flip?

@jacquelinejf2 wat should I tell about this #girl . I can just say #thank u for making me a part of such a #amazing movie and making me feel soooo#good.She is the only actress who is toooo #chilled but #works soooo hard ….it's a #super #confusing combo. #Love u @jacquelinejf2 for everything. From #murder2 to #KICK . I still can't #believe I was part in this movie. U hve done so much for me and gave me so much #love. I don't know weather I gave u even 5% of wat u hve given to me. #thank u @jacquelinejf2 for this amazing long journey. And u hve not changed. The same girl who only knows how to love . The way u hve worked for this film I salute u for all ur #hard #work and #+ve energy . 6months was like 6days with u. Thank u soooooooooo much. For this amazing time and love. Love u . 😘#make up and #hair for KICK . Can't ask anything more then this. Thank u #God to make me #meet #angel on #earth. 😘

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