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Weird Makeup Tools


How passionate are you about makeup? Enough to use a stiletto as a makeup contour? A hard boiled egg or a tampon as beauty blender? For some it is downright crazy but for others it is worth a shot. With that increasing obsession with makeup, beauty experts and bloggers have come up with unlimited hacks and tools to help apply makeup as smoothly as possible. The point to note about the mentioned tools is that they are not any ridiculously expensive but things that must be lying around in your home.

A Hard boiled Egg

Say whaaaaaat? One of the beauty bloggers NADI came up with the idea of using a hardboiled egg as a blender and loved it.

Later, another blogger ESTHER also tried it and loved the results.

However, people from around the globe didn’t take it very well.


Tooth Brush Contour

Lost your beauty blender and in a rush? relax! Tooth brush will save your day! Beauty blogger MIRIAM came up with this unusual hack of using a tooth brush for a perfect contour. Check out her tutorial and decide for yourself!

However, she did add a warning to her tutorial.

People had mixed reaction to her hack.


Now hold on! Not all tools are used as blenders. This one was tried to achieve a perfect cut crease on your eye.

How well did that work? Check out this video by Brittney Foley and decide.


Dishwashing Sponge

What was intended for fun, turned out to be a pretty neat beauty hack, when Maria put up a tutorial of using Dish washing sponge as a beauty blender. Beauty bloggers all around the globe tried it and loved the idea.


So, next time instead of buying a beauty blender, head to the local store and grab a couple of sponges!

Well, these are few of the many weird tools that are now being extensively used in makeup industry. How correct is it to use them and how well they work may vary from person to person. if it is good for you, use it, and if it is not then…