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What is Multi-Masking?


The term Multi Masking is self explanatory. If you misread it as “multi tasking”, you were not wrong.

“Multi masking” is basically “multi tasking while doing your facial”.

Like many other makeup and skin care trends, multi masking also began as a trend which got hype as more beauty experts and vloggers jumped into the bandwagon and the internet went crazy.

So here we are, giving you an insight to this trend and its advantages.

What exactly is the concept behind Multi masking?

We are constantly looking for an elixir that could make out skin flawless, acne free, hydrated and glowing. Well the thing is, till the elixir is discovered, lets stick to multi masking.

Different parts of our body have different requirements. Same is the case with our skin, especially our face skin. Some parts are more oily and acne prone, while some parts are more prone to Black heads and white heads. Therefore, Multi masking implies that each part of our skin gets the required nutrition and pampering that is needed.

“I think it’s a good idea,” New York City dermatologist Doris Day, said in his talk with Yahoo Beauty. “The different parts of your face are different, so it makes sense to mix up your masks.”

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How to do Multi Masking?

If you want to get it done with least hassle, then the good news is that Multi masking Packs are now available by different cosmetic companies. So all you have to do is to buy them and apply them on your face.

If you prefer home made masks

You can make them according to your skin type. This allows you to test and decide which combo works best for you.

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What points to keep in mind when multi masking, and which ingredients works best on which part of the face?

So besides adding different hues on your mask, multi masking actually is very useful and better than regular masks. Fulfilling your skin requirements is sure going to leave you with glowing and radiant skin and will slow down aging process.