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How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Like A Pro


With the ‘matte’ trend taking over in world of makeup artistry, liquid lipsticks have been all in rave and for good reasons (longwearing, smudge and transfer proof and not to forget they look ah-mazing), almost all the brands have come up with their versions of liquid lipsticks which give any makeup junkie a wide range to choose from, but as much as I love this flaring trend, applying a liquid lipstick can be a hassle and not to mention tricky.

BUT here are a few tips n tricks that might help you next time you plan to wear one 😉

1-Exfoliate your lips: 

This is very important as the dry texture of liquid lipstick can further dry out your lips and in order to avoid that, you must prepare your lips by gentle exfoliation. Without any hard pressure lightly brush your lips using a clean toothbrush or take a baby wet wipe and run it on your lips and it will do the job.


Apply a lip balm that wont slide. A single layer of it is all you will needSmiling face with smiling eyes

3-Outline your lips:

Using the same color of lipliner as your lipstick. This step will make sure that your liquid lipstick doesnt bleed and stays on for longer.

4-A little goes a long way:

With liquid lipsticks,less is definitely more so you only need a tiny amount and work your way with it. Apply using a lip brush for that extra precision but remember to work fast as most liquid lipsticks dry real quick leaving you with no room to make changes..and TADA YOURE DONE!!

Some of our favourite liquid lipsticks are Lola by Kat Von D, Unicorn Blood by Jeffree Starm, Posh Spice by Jeffree Star, Utopia by Lime Crime, Lola II by Kat Von D and Fiery by Stila.

About the Author – Aisha Azim

Aisha Azim is a Freelance Makeup Artist and Blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. Follow her on Instagram: @aisha.azim

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