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Try Aquarium Nails: As You Are Surely A Mermaid


It has eventually happened: Nail art has progressed by leaps and bounds in the world of fashion in a way that we can’t even imagine. Currently, it is over the top nail art and is going viral on Facebook to make you dumbfounded. Ladies are now wearing and enjoying little snow globes on the tips of their fingers in the form of mermaid or aquarium nails. Nails are nowhere; it’s just all about aqua tips 🙂

Image Courtesy: instyle

What aquarium nails actually are! 

Rather than flat, two-dimensional nails, these nails are tiny capsules that can be filled with liquid. They are usually filled with water or baby oil through a syringe, where nail artists then hover colourful shapes, glitter or gems inside. They can also be filled with tiny pictures or even astounding Disney characters if a wearer desires to do so. The designs of this nail art are entirely customizable. This fun new look is really amazing, and appreciated and loved by people a lot. They make them wonder how the heck something so splendiferous and astonishing could exist in this world. These nails make people wonder why they didn’t ever think to become nail art gurus.

Image Courtesy: flubit

Surely, you can also become an expert in aquarium nail art if you practice, obviously practice makes perfect. It seems like it takes potential, patience, persistence and practice to become proficient in the aquarium nail art, but if you start practicing right now, you’ll absolutely learn the skill and can remain up-to-the-date dauntlessly in the new fashion globe and can jump on the bandwagon.