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Trend Alert – The Wet Hair Look


If you always tend to leave home in a rush while shaking your wet hair out of the shower, just because you’re either too lazy or too late to style your hair then this trend is definitely the one for you.

When you’re at home, you don’t really care about the wet hair! Yet, on the runway, celebrity face-offs, and the entertainment screens, wet hair is now considered chic, effortless and a major style statement.

Slicked back or contorted up, wet hair helps the lazy ones among us.  Attractive and spectacular, wet hair is the right kind of look for every formal, casual and even everyday office setting. Also, it’s one of the biggest trends shaping up in 2017.

Yes Ladies, forget blow-drying, making fancy buns or investing hours into curling those hair, it’s the huge return of the wet-look  and it is all you need in 2017. Spotted on the catwalk, the slicked-back wet hair impact is both modern and jazzy. From Megan Fox to Marion Cotillard, many stars have been shaking this current rendition of the wet hair look. This year, hair is being styled with gel to give the wet-look impact and trust us, this ones making news!!!

Not only ladies but men, too, are drooling over the wet hair look trend. This is indeed a huge comeback. Although the wet look never went out for men, but a lot of celebrities are increasingly showing off their wet hair on public platforms just to remind us that they too can be casually dappers.

So take a quick shower, kick that blow dryer away, grab some gel, use your comb and get ready to rock whatsoever event you plan to slay tonight!