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Trend Alert: Dunk Your Face in Cold Water?


The beauty world is always stretching the limits!

The most recent thing is the all new “Jamsu” — dunking your face in water to set the cosmetics you apply! No, we are completely serious, don’t think we are being funny. We have all heard about dunking our hands in cold water to help our nail polishes dry, but what is this newest trend about?


The pattern begun by beauty blogger YoonCharmi, promptly spread on, with a number of people immediately reporting it to be effective, especially taking off in South Korea, this trend has become the talk of the town.

  • It includes first applying your groundwork, concealer, and establishment, then applying free powder or infant powder all over to set the cosmetics.
  • The dunking comes next, with around 30 seconds of submergence in icy water important to completely set the cosmetics. A while later, you either permit your face to air dry, or you delicately and precisely pat your face dry to avoid smirching.
  • At that point you can apply eye cosmetics and lipstick not surprisingly, and your face will remain matte throughout the day. Enchantment!


It really seems like a considerable amount of work, yet in the event that you don’t need a sleek sparkle throughout the day, it may be quite a ride!

Say goodbye to the oily skin, dunk your face and let not your sebaceous glands wake up until you’re done with the day!

What say?