Top 5 Blush Picks for Fall

By Wardah Sandila

In ancient Egypt, rosy cheeks were a sign of health and affluence, as they had been in Ancient Greece and the Middle Ages. Women started applying homemade pastes of everything from beetles, red sandalwood, ground ochre and fruit pulp on their cheeks to get that much wanted glow. In the 20th century, when makeup was deemed unchaste and inappropriate, women would pinch their cheeks for a natural flushed hue.
Much has changed, but women’s desire to set the hearts of men aflutter with their rosy flush, remains the same. This brings me to our top five blush picks for Fall. Time has come to bid adieu to the bronze and coral beach cheeks and welcome the romance of berry and amber.

1.MAC ‘Sheertone’ in Gingerly – Powder Blush
This blush has been around forever and ever and with good reason. It’s a warm toned ‘sheertone’ blush which means that it deposits the softest, satin color while maintaining the natural moisture and shine of the skin, making it great for the dry skin we all deal with in the fall and winter months. MAC describes it as a capri bronze color but it really is that perfect peachy nude that enhances the natural glow. Apply with your regular face and/or blush brush and if you’re daredevils like us – try using an angled contour brush to apply just above the natural contour line for that ‘non-touring’ look.

blush for fall

MAC ‘Sheertone’ in Gingerly – Powder Blush

2.Make Up For Ever ‘HD Blush’ in English Rose – Cream Blush
This color is true to its name. Imagine an English Rose – that’s exactly what this color is. Soft, gentle and muted pink. This cream blush is best applied right after your foundation with your favorite sponge applicator or stipple brush but be careful not to be too vigorous with the blending or you will end up removing foundation and/or concealer applied under the blush. To get a full color finish, apply along the top of the cheek bone and blend upwards. For a sheer and healthy glow finish, gently stipple on to the apples of the cheeks.

blush for fall2

Make Up For Ever ‘HD Blush’ in English Rose – Cream Blush

3.Nars ‘The Multiple’ in Maui – Stick Blush

This cream to powder stick blush in dusty rose is all you need for the perfect, put together look this fall. The blush is in the form of a stick which can be glided over the lids, cheeks and lips to give the face a wash of rosiness, just on the cheeks to perk them up or on the lips to mimic natural color. The packaging makes it easy to apply, just paint on skin and blend. The tube also makes it easy to carry around in a handbag without fear of shattering but might melt in the heat – so beware. The matte black Nars packaging also has a tendency to attract smudges so requires a gentle rub down with a wet cloth to keep it from looking disgusting.


Nars ‘The Multiple’ in Maui – Stick Blush

4.TheBalm ‘Instain Blush’ in Houndstooth – Powder Blush Stain

Blush stains have always been in the form of liquid, much like the quintessential ‘Benetint’ or ‘Posietint’ from Benefit. Well, no more. This gorgeous mauve blush in a satin finish is true to color and extremely pigmented – a little bit goes a very long way, and will stay on and brighten your cheeks all day. It’s easy to blend but you have to be quick or it sets. We recommend starting off by gently tapping the brush into the pan and tapping off the excess before applying to the face. Remember – you can add more, but you can’t take it off.

Powder Blush Stain

TheBalm ‘Instain Blush’ in Houndstoot

5.E.L.F. Cosmetics ‘Powder Blush Palette’ in Dark – Four Pan Blush Palette

At $6, you can’t beat these four blush shades that you can mix and match to create your own signature look all year ‘round. The palette is compact and each pan pops out so it’s easy to customize yours by adding in shades from other E.L.F. palettes you own. In the palette you get the option of plum brown, muted peach, rosy pink and burnt terracotta shades. The terracotta shade has a little bit of shimmer to it in the pan but it hardly translates to the face. The other blushes are a hybrid between matte and satin finishes. While the colors are fairly pigmented, the product itself tends to kick off a wee bit of powder when brush hits the pan but you can avoid that by being gentle.

Four Pan Blush Palette

E.L.F. Cosmetics ‘Powder Blush Palette’ in Dark – Four Pan Blush Palette

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