Tips & Tricks to Maintain & Grow your Lashes.

How many of you want to have long thick lashes so that your eyes could look dreamy and prettier?

Okay not that long! 😮

Yeah, that’s better! 🙂 

So the question is, how much effort are you willing to put in, to grow them? And what if an “Angel in disguise” aka “me” tells you that it ain’t that hard?

To learn to have thicker eyelashes, you must first know that DOs and Don’ts of maintaining them.


  • Cleanse you eyelashes before going to bed, ESPECIALLY if you have applied makeup and mascara.

  • Give your eyes a break every now and then, if you are a regular makeup user, skip a day or two for the Mascara and let your lashes breathe.


  • Rub your eyes aggressively.

  • Pick your lashes or the mascara on them.

  • Sleep with the mascara on your lashes.

If you are careful about these things, you will surely maintain your eyelashes.

Talking about the tips for growing them, here are a few go to and Easy Peasy tips to ensure long and thick eyelashes.

First and foremost, arrange a clean and dryMascara wand” to apply the stuff of your lashes and ensure hygiene of the wand.


This is our go to tip for thicker and longer lashes. Simply take a leaf and extract enough gel to cover your lashes. Dip the wand into the gel and apply gently on the lashes. Leave over night.

Olive oil.

Even better than aloevera. Apply the oil on your lashes over night and wash off in the morning.

Castor oil.

Also called “Miracle Oil“, Castor oil also has magical effect on the lashes and can be applied like aloevera and olive oil.

Lemon peels.

Since they are rich in Vitamin C, Lemon peels can be dried outpowdered and soaked in either castor oil or olive oil.

Green Tea.

Yes, green tea doesn’t only relaxes you, but also helps you grow thicker Eyelashes. Simply apply prepared and cooled down tea on eyelashes and leave overnight.

Shea Butter.

Best moisturizer for body and best remedy for long lashes. Simply apply overnight.

So that’s about it. One thing that is very critical in the application of those remedies is to be regular. It is almost impossible to grow your lashes NATURALLY overnight. Nourishing your lashes may take a while. So be regular with these tips and you will be having beautiful thick and fluttery lashes soon!