chapped lips

Tips For Lip Care During Chilling Winters

Your lips are the most attractive part of your face. They surely need attention and special care just like your skin.  You can easily get rid of rough and cracked lips during winters by simply adopting the following habits.


Image Courtesy: achikhasi

  • Most importantly, your lips shouldn’t get dehydrated. Keep them hydrated by drinking a lot of water. As people don’t really feel thirsty during winters so drink water consciously by setting reminders.
  • Regular application of petroleum jelly is very beneficial and keeps your lips pink and soft.
  • Use SPF on your lips daily like you apply it on your skin when going outside to protect your lips from dryness that can be caused by sun rays in winter.
  • The most fruitful home remedy is the use of glycerine on your lips. It protects your skin, lips and areas around eyes from cracking and becoming rough.
  • Apply Chap Stick or lip gloss with sheer texture if you have dry lips rather than applying matted lipsticks.
  • You can use Shea butter even during the day which has SPF property and it nourishes your lips instantly.
  • Apply mustard oil on your navel daily before going to bed. It keeps your lips smooth and soft.
  • Coconut oil is also really good for lips that prevent them from flaking and cracking during winters.