Can you believe that the trend of nail painting dates back to 3000 B.C and was used to determine class rankings! Something so “classy” used to determine ranks!

Thank GAWWWD we were not born in that era. The obsession  with this form of art is getting crazier day by day leading to more experimentations and fabulous designs. Below are some of them to choose from

3D stickers

This, by far, is the easiest and most accessible nail art and I can personally vouch for that (the proof lies in the pictures attached). The key to this art is patience.

  • Apply the desired nail paint.
  • Let it dry.
  • Carefully take off the 3D stickers and stick them to the nails.
  • Apply the finishing coat.

And Voila!

Mirror nails

This one is our personal favorite! But some practice is needed to get it perfect. Also called Chrome nails, the art requires a base coat of your choice and “mirror powder” which is available in various ranges according to your liking.

Below is a simple tutorial for Chrome nails by NAIL 21, my personal favorite. Have a look

Glittery glam

Wanna reach the party on time BUT with some real glamorous hands? “Glitter nail paints” to the rescue!!! Simply get one and apply on the nails to get super glittery nails. Total win.

Water marble nail art

This awesome art reminds me of retro funk because of the abstract it creates. Although it’s a bit tricky, but it’s worth the sweat! Inspired by the process of actual marble printing, this one is sure to give a pretty bling to your hands.

So… that’s all folks! And just like always, remember! Hygiene is far more important than colorful nails… Don’t forget to pamper your nails before going for any of the nail art! <3


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