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The Make-Up Mistakes That Ruin Your Photos


Thanks to the YouTube tutorials, after spending an entire afternoon trying to get your diva look on, you make that one last pause before leaving home – for a quick selfie ….and…. OMG!

Your nose looks like an oil well, or some grease has somehow appeared around the contour job, and how the heck did that mysterious white patch come from?

If it makes you feel any better, you are not the only one facing these kind of problems. As an example look at the horrible pictures of Parineeti Chopra’s make-up during her recent movie promotions. And if you look closely then you will also realize that the problem wasn’t the make up artist, but the camera lens instead!

Now take note of our tips below and soon you will start realizing the difference.


The white patch that looks like an icing sugar under the eyes isn’t a bad make up job. It is common to pat on translucent powder as a finishing touch to make the face more matt. Your make-up is going to look fine in the mirror but these white patches appear in the camera flash.

Fix: All you have to do is to blend the powder well. That’s all…


The pigments that reflect light is another nuisance. The big cosmetic brands don’t think of brown skin and hence that greasy look on your nose.

Fix: Just pat some make-up setting powder when you are done and dont forget to pick the right shade.


We all love matte lips, but always choosing a high consistency isn’t great. Sometimes the colour pigments would look just fine in your mirror but they will appear very chalky in the camera.

Fix: Add some dimension to your lips by always, always topping it off with a lip liner. It’ll work double time and keep your lipstick from bleeding onto your skin halfway through the night as well.

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Who doesn’t love the smoky eyes! The problem, however, is that they can make your eyes look much smaller. And its simply because of the heavy black shadow

Fix: You do know that there are many other colours, right? So choose a shimmery gray or a dusty brown. This will work perfectly with our brown skin.

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You must have noticed that your face skin tone looks different from your neck and your arms. You should also give some attention to – deceptive bronzer. When sitting under the bright yellow lights, your face might look like its glowing naturally. But in front of the camera, you end up looking super tanned.

Fix: Less When it comes to bronzer, less it better. So always make sure that you are always applying it in the natural light.