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4 Simple Ways to Save Your Skin This Winter


Everybody knows winter season has its pros and cons and the one con basically everyone goes through is dry skin. Although it is not a very humongous problem but there can be some measures you can take to keep your skin as lively and fresh as it is.

Moisturize More

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Skin types differ from one to another and this is why every other person needs a different type of moisturizer. For example, if your skin is dry and flaky you might need a more hydrating moisturizer and if you are more on the oily side then you’ll need oil free moisturizers to keep you skin refreshed.

Choose Your Cleanser Carefully

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Cleansers can work wonders but cause disadvantages as well. You should always choose a cleanser as per your skin type as they tend to dry out your skin and accentuate your wrinkles more. Always opt for soap-free cleanser wipes and avoid using harsh chemicals to rub into your face.

Eat a Healthy Diet

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A lot of people may not know this but your diet affects the skin as well. Foods like dairy and sugar can cause your skin to breakout and damage the natural skin barrier. Have more seafood, sweet potato or cucumbers to protect your skin barrier and keep it moisturized.

Take Brief Showers

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Uses lukewarm to cold water while showering as hot water washes away all the skin’s protective oils and make it dry, itchy and tight. Furthermore, use soaps or body washes which have the same or lower ph levels than your skin as higher ph leveled soap may damage your skin, leaking out all the nutrients which then may cause rashes or even worse, Eczema.