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Review: House of Lashes-Iconic


“There is nothing fake about me except my lashes.”

After having tried almost all lash brands out there and have become very particular about the ones I use. Some of my most favourite lash brands are House of Lashes, Huda Beauty and Red Cherry (to name a few)
I’ve been wanting to try House of Lashes for a while, specially since the internet was going crazy over them!

Today, I’m reviewing my favourite style for you guys today, House of Lashes- Iconic

The House of Lashes Iconic

I am in love with these! If you compare them to other brands, you’ll notice that the Iconic Lashes look much more natural instead of looking plastic-y or shiny. These lashes are full of drama and if you’re going for the “Cat-Eye”, you wouldn’t be disappointed!

They tend to give your eyes a lift and if cared for properly, these beauties will last you a few weeks.

If you have droopy eyes, then the HOL Iconics are definitely made for you. They’ll make your eyes look more almond shaped.

They are a better version of Huda Beauty’s Scarlett 🙂 If I may add.

Pricing: I buy them at $30 for a pack of three that is pretty reasonable, given the amazing quality. Check them out today www.houseoflashes.com

Bonus Tip: Use House of Lashes’ lash glue when applying your falsies