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Product Review: Luscious Cosmetics FTW!

Luscious cosmetics is one of the very few Pakistani beauty brands, which was founded in 2007 by beauty aficionado and entrepreneur, Mehrbano Sethi. It is the only local brand that offers a wide range of products that are not only affordable but are absolutely satisfying. Despite the competition (Odho, Massarat Misbah, Junaid Jamshed) this brand faces here in Pakistan, this local brand “luscious cosmetics” will be displayed at the monster magnificence retailer ‘Sephora’. Isn’t that something to be genuinely pleased with? Kudos, Mehrbano Sethi!

Having said that, we totally love how this brand has penetrated the market and made its name over the years with the low-cost, high differentiation strategies. It is also noteworthy that Luscious Cosmetics is free from animal testing and contains no cruelty based ingredients! Luscious seems to be enjoying a great position and well to be honest, it can actually compete with the international brands too, if propels in the right direction.

The Pakistani brand Luscious Cosmetics will soon be available at Sephora

My personal favorite products are: The Brow Luxe Tool Kit and The Face Contour Kit.

The Brow Luxe Tool Kit

This comes in 3 unique shades and is by far the best remedy we found for our not-so-full brows. The one that we got, which we thought suited our skin tone, had darker hues. It contains a dim brown shade, a dark shade and some straightforward wax. A little drawer opens up at the base, which contains a scaled down tweezers, a spooley and a calculated brush. It additionally accompanies 3 directing stencils for various brow shapes and a little handout to tell the shopper how to utilize it.


For me, this brow pack truly works. The powder is so smooth and blendable. It doesn’t give you any sharp lines and gives an exceptionally regular and restless look. Everything relies on upon you how you need to play with it. I go for a normal look, so it impeccably fills my inconsistent territories giving an exceptionally filled and acclimated look. The little calculated brush is the best instrument to apply the shade and spooley brushes your hair to keep it set up.

At last, you seal your look with the straightforward wax utilizing a similar brush, giving yourself the final thumbs up and good-to-go signal.

Face Contour Kit

This is one of the finest products that I have used till date (not exaggerating!). First of all, the pack (as should be obvious) accompanies a modest booklet clarifying contouring and highlighting procedures, and four powders: dark contour, medium contour, highlighter and illuminator. I am happy the powders are velvety and very much pigmented. I have no issue mixing them either.


My personal fav out of the pack is unquestionably the dark contour, it gives my face the ideal definition and endures 5-6 hours on me. I can likewise shape my face with the medium shade, however I very much want the darker one. I am adoring these contour powders more than my Sleek one. The highlighter is more for exceptionally unobtrusive highlighting, it just gives a slight sheen. I do wish it had to a greater extent a highlighting impact. Furthermore, last is the illuminator, which looks fantastic, particularly in my inward eye corner.

So Dear founder, thanks for giving Pakistan a cosmetic brand that we can all afford and totally rely on!