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Pink Glow FTW- Makeup Products You Must Have!


Nothing makes you look more young than ample amount of rest and a sparkling appearance. It’s obvious of course, we can’t generally ensure that 8-hour magnificent rest, but we can unquestionably fake a solid sparkle that not only makes us glow but gives us that pink “Kareena” look we have always wanted.

This winter, rather than the typical silver or brilliant tint, go pink!

Yes! We simply cherish Pink and it appears like the world does, too!

We are not saying that you color your hair pink or simply dive into a pink blush, just go for a pink gleam, keep it less and simple. We have been major supporters  of getting the pink gleam for quite some time now! Not exclusively do these Pink items breeze through the test, they additionally convey a pink, lit-from-inside gleam that is difficult to beat.

There’s not much that you need to buy to get the dreamy look, only three special products will make you go PINK FTW!!!!

This is what you have to get yourself, to get the major, snow angel look this winter:


Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette – Cool worth $155


Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Perfector worth $55


By Terry Impearlious Elixir de Perle – Premium Illuminating Concentrate worth $140

So what are you waiting for ladies? ORDER AWAY!!!