For me, there has never been a more beloved makeup product than lipstick. It is your savior, it is your best friend; it will never ever let you down.

Lipsticks have got your back, girls.

Nothing compares to the ease of waking up five minutes before an early morning at work, knowing all you have to do is paint your pout and you’re all set to go! Some of us have that one particular go-to shade, while others are savvy enough to try on and experiment with a vast variety of colours.

To these girls, I salute. If you fall in the latter category, and are constantly in search to try out the next ‘it’ shade – then I have news for you.

Following are the top four prettiest lipstick trends to try this season: get ready to screenshot; because we are willing to bet that you’ll want to add them all to your personal makeup collection.

#1. Get Your Glitter On!

This is a versatile trend, and definitely not one that you can wear to work every day. The most extreme versions of the glittery lip trend were seen on the DKNY runways where models were seen wearing large chunks of glitter on their lips – giving a very sci-fi look. Fendi showed a more wearable take on the style, with just hints of gold in the centre and cupid’s bow. This year is all about amping things up with shimmer and shine. The finish can be metallic or glitter, you get to choose-Grab your shade of metallic lipstick now for that edgy look!

#2. Go Orange, or go Home!

Orange may seem like a colour that is only destined to be worn by supermodels – with bronzed skin and lots of lashes. But with the right shade and a bit of confidence, you can pull the look off. And make no mistake ladies, the orange that is ‘in’ this season is not your subtle, safe, toned-down orange from last year- No sir! This year the orange lippies are coming in bold, non-apologetic tones. The bolder, the better!

#3. Tender Rose

For those of us who like to play it safe, there is a shade for you too. The 90’s are coming back with a bang, and bringing chestnut rose with them. Several variants of muted, delicate rosy shades were spotted on the spring runways. This shade isn’t quite nude, nor quite pink – and that is what makes it so perfect. However, the 2017 way to pull it off is to pair it, not with a heavy smoky eye, but with corresponding muted eyeshades and blushes, for a soft yet elegant monochromatic look.

#4. Guess who’s back? Gloss, again!

We are so done with the boring matte shades that ruled 2016. This spring is all about preparing your pouts for something different – the epic return of the lip gloss! (which was, let’s admit, quite inevitable) . Nudes, pinks, wines – as long as the shade is reflective, any colour will do! These babies are no longer coming in sticky tubes: they are silkier than ever with additions of nutritious oils. Not only do they add a gorgeous shine to the lips, but they are also big on hydration. If you want to mix and match, a clear gloss is the way to go.

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