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Pakistani Makeup Hacks!


So what if you don’t have the “Anastasia Beverly Hills” color corrector? or you don’t own a big shot highlighter?

Well, there is always a Pakistani way of doing everything.

So here are some of the Pakistani Makeup Hacks that you may want to adhere to, for flawless, indistinguishable makeup looks!

Inexpensive Highlighting!

Purchase somewhat pale gold eyeshadow since it looks frikkin’ perfect on the eyes AND it bends over as an extremely complimenting highlighter on more profound skin like us browns! so you don’t need to look for an expensive highlighter, so can just hack your way to flawless highlighting.

Color Correction FTW!

Ever had your concealer seem grayish on your skin? Take a stab at mixing red lipstick on your under-eye territory before concealer. Simply ensure the lipstick isn’t excessively polished or tricky


Apple Cider, the Perfect Toner

So why get those branded toners when we have apple cider vinegar? Apple cider vinegar is most loved on the grounds that it levels out hyperpigmented and discolored patches to give you a more advantageous, adjusted appearance. Special reward: It beats acne down and is modest AF.

Lighten the Blush

On the off chance that your become flushed when you apply your favorite blusher. even when the blush is a more profound shade than you need to wear, blend it with some free powder on a face brush and apply it. It ought to look peachier and more characteristic.

From Bronzing to Contouring, two-in-one!

It’s elusive a decent form shading for chestnut skin, so the vast majority of us manage with redden or bronzer. Be that as it may, you can include a teeensy bit of dark eyeshadow to your bronzer and make your own customized form. A cool/dark conditioned shape looks more normal.

Forget Maybelline, Make your Own BB.

Since drugstore brands don’t convey an extensive variety of shades for darker BB creams, make your own by blending lotion, sunscreen, and foundation(s). Play around with the proportion and hues to suit your preferring.

Clean Away!

Olive oil makes for an incredible, mellow chemical for all skin sorts, yet it tans skin hold its sparkle like no other, while locally acquired makeup removers can strip the skin of dampness and shine.