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My Little Pleasures- Yes Please!


My Little Pleasures is a monthly surprise box subscription based in Dubai, and is dedicated to creating plush experiences for women across Emirates. My Little Pleasures’ themed boxes include luxury beauty products, designer accessories, handcrafted lifestyle compliments, collectable illustrations and many other theme-based monthly surprises are guaranteed to put a smile on every woman’s face. In a few easy steps, My Little Pleasures’ user-friendly website and secure payment options deliver a world of delightful surprises to every woman’s doorstep every month. 

We sat down with young entrepreneurs Fanny Favre and Lyda Camargo the brains behind this anazing concept and had a little chit chat. They explained to us how to get our hands on one of those lovely surprise boxes. Read on and subscribe now!

Partners Fanny and Lyda

1.​Tell us about yourselves and My Little Pleasures. How did you come up with the idea?I, Fanny Favre, and my partner Lyda Camargo have been working together in the field of marketing for over six years now. Lyda and I have always wanted to utilize our gained skills from the corporate world in a product that has a sentimental meaning for women in the UAE.

My Little Pleasures is a surprise box subscription service, where all items are carefully selected to meet the taste of women in the UAE. Lyda and I make it to a point that every month we select a theme for the beautifully crafted box and include products such as accessories, girly collectible gadgets, luxury beauty products, designer accessories, handcrafted lifestyle compliments, collectable illustrations and many other surprises to put a smile on the faces of women who live in the UAE.

 2.​What inspired you to start My Little Pleasures?

The lack of offer in the UAE was the main factor that inspired me and Lyda to go ahead and embark in this venture. We not only wanted to create a commercial product, but also a memorable experience for any woman who cared about the little big things. And this is how My Little Pleasures came to life.

 3.​Did you face any challenges at all?

As any other startup business, we faced the challenge of familiarizing a new concept with the right audience. We sold a great amount of the “New Beginnings” box. We stayed focused and believed in our project and when the “Fit & Fab” one was announced on our website it sold out from the first week.

 4.​How does one sign up for MLP box? M

We made it really easy for women to sign up on My Little Pleasures, the website allows for customers to choose one of four available personal or gift subscriptions through a mobile-friendly website www.mylittlepleasures.com, with secure payment options and receive the box at their doorstep.

  1. www.mylittlepleasures.com/subscribe/
  2. Register for either the monthly (AED 199), 3 months (AED 549), 6 months (AED 1,099) or yearly subscription (AED 2,199)
  3. Or choose to gift to someone else
  4. Grab some tea or coffee and wait for your box to arrive!

 5.​Three beauty accessories you think everyone should carry.

We believe every woman should carry colored hydrating lipstick, balm or gloss to be ready for a last minute meetings or a get together, not to forget a blush and  a small-sized perfume

 6.​Advice for young and  upcoming  entrepreneurs.

Our very first advice would be to believe in their product and most importantly in themselves. Any project you embark in will have its challenges, ups and downs. Motivation and belief can turn those obstacles into stepping stones that pave the way for a successful business.