Atiqa Odho Makeup – Making a beauty mark

With the sudden exploding revolution in cosmetic industry,  huge names in cosmetics have quadrupled the speed with which they were introducing new cosmetics. This, along with great marketing strategy and easy access to audience on the social media has made it easier for their products to be known. And its a matter of great pride that we also have a great name in cosmetic industry that is making its presence known with great stuff.

Yes, we are talking about none other than Atiqa Odho’s makeup.

Odho makeup came into existence in the year 2007 and claims to compete the standards of great brands like Tyra Banks, Kat Von D and Jessica Alba.

Well, the good news is, they are not merely wordy claims. Odho’s makeup really is something to grab on.

The whole makeup collection is available online at from where you can view and buy the stuff.


Odho’s eyeshadow collection is actually a feast to eyes! The most remarkable thing about those  pretty shades is that they blend perfectly with Asian skin and are super economical as compared to high end brands, making them a must-have.


Remember me

First Love


While checking online, you wouldn’t have to rummage through the entire collection to look up for your required shade, since each colour is grouped separately to select from. They also have a fun shades section with crazy yet tempting shades for the bold and wild lasses out there!

Wild-Fun Shade



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Odho’s collection also has  a wide range of blush-ons suitable for Asian skin. The beautiful shades have been named after birds and give amazing results!

Love Bird


Blush on kit

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Want some funky mani pedi kits? Head to the Odho Cosmetic and check out their funky range!

Drama Queen



So this is all about the beautiful range of cosmetics by Odho. And as far as the guarantee of quality is concerned, we would suggest that you give it a try and decide for yourselves. Nothing is more awesome than owning great quality makeup stuff and that too MADE IN PAKISTAN

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