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Makeup Tips and Tricks – The Celebrity Edition


Women of this day and age do understand that wearing make-up is not superficial, instead it is empowering in so many ways, to be able to wear a bright lip and know with absolute confidence that you are able to pull it off. Today we are dedicating our time and energy into finding out what tips and tricks can save us those extra five minutes early morning, when we are desperately trying our best to look put together – while at the same time, racing against time to get to work at exactly 8am .

After hours of flipping through fashion magazines and reading online interviews, we have rounded up the best tips from celebrities themselves and their makeup artists.

This will help you finally nail that tricky beauty maneuver. Here are the top trends that you should attempt to master in 2017, if you haven’t already.

The Dreaded Winged Liner

If you have been skipping eyeliner all this time because it’s just too difficult to get it right on both eyes – I feel ya sister. Liner is not for the faint of heart! It is tricky, time-consuming, requires serious precision and steady hands. However, this year it is time for all of us to be brave and experiment. Just bear in mind that practice makes perfect, and this couldn’t be truer when attempting a cat eye. Nicki Minaj likes to open up her eyes by always perfecting her eyeliner before applying her lashes. She says that the key to opening up small eyes instantly is to use a liquid liner, as it also helps disguise the lash line. Reese Witherspoon likes to use white liner on the inner lower lash line, to perk up her eyes when they look a little tired.

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The Dark side of Lipstick

Going to the dark side with lipstick can be tricky, not to mention messy as hell. In the beauty world however, once fall rolls around, dark lips are seen in all their bloom. Whether it is a muddy brown or a cool deep wine – the darker, the better. According to Creative Makeup Director for Fashion Fair, Sam Fine, wine looks good on a variety of skin tones and is the easiest of these darker shades to pull off. Makeup artist Kate Lee, on the other hand, cautions against making sure that you don’t end up with a smudged, too-dark shade. So how do we get it right? Experiment with different shades on the wine spectrum, then play with intensity by blotting or layering. Wear it like you mean it!

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Contour Your Face Away

When it comes to a beautifully symmetric face, most celebrity makeup artists rely on contouring – A magical technique that enhances the bone structure for a thinner and more defined look, no Photoshop skills or good genes involved! Famous for making up Kim Kardashian, Mario Dedivanovic is the king of contour. He says to start with the cheekbones, go along the hairline, under the edge of the jaw and down either side of the nose if you are feeling particularly brave. The biggest mistake, according to him, that people make is when they don’t blend properly. The secret is to use minimum product and then blend blend blend the night away!!

Flawless Skin

Everyone knows that the secret to looking great in makeup is to have flawless skin. Actress America Ferrera swears by what may be the oldest trick in the book. To drink lots and lots of water. She says that once she started drinking more water, her skin, hair and nails all flourished. Footloose actress and two-time Dancing with the Stars winner Julianne Hough’s main mission is to keep her skin clear and high-definition, despite her sweat-inducing performances. Her skin care regime includes putting on the Proactiv Refining Mask before bedtime. According to her it minimizes the incidence of breakouts and fights inflammation.


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