Make-up Hacks For Faking Perfect And Flawless Skin

With a plethora of products at our expense, it is easier than ever to fake perfect skin. The trick is to know what works best for your particular skin type, and that can only be achieved by the hit and trial method; trying out different products and settling with the ones that flatter your skin the most.

Before we delve into the tricks, it is vital to know this – no matter what type of skin you have, make sure that skin is moisturized and feelin’ good.

Of course, there is always that longing tugging at my heart – to have skin so perfect I could ditch using cosmetics all together – but until that happens, here are some ingenious ways to basically fake it.

One: Prime Your Skin

We have all been at the makeup counter holding a tube of primer and wondering whether you should pay extra for an item you might not think you need. No more stressing over that decision; from now on, when you go shopping for makeup, a primer should be on the top of your list. To start off, it minimizes the appearance of pores, giving your skin a photoshopped feel. Not only does it make your makeup last longer, the absolute best part about using a primer is that it works with any skin tone and there is no hassle of choosing the right shade – selection is easy peasy!

Two: Hide those bags!

Again – The first step of all is to apply a moisturizer with SPF to allow a smooth application of your concealer. Now, apply concealer only where you need it e.g. under eye circles and blemishes. Creamier formulas that match your skin tone work best instead of going with a shade two shades lighter. Apply in little stripes with a pointed brush and use your ring finger to blend. The key is to apply it only at the bottom of your eye bags, sort of like you’re tracing the shadows the bags create. There you have it – Flaunt fresh, wide-awake skin without any trace of dark circles!

Three: Use your Foundation sparingly

It is a common mistake to layer your face with multiples coats of foundation. If you want more coverage, that requires more pigment – not multiple applications (like two or three coats of mascara on your lashes)! Choose a liquid foundation with silicone. Avoid luminous or matte ones and instead look for lightweight or sheer foundations. Find a shade that matches your complexion by testing the colour on your neck. When applying, just dab a few dots on the forehead, nose and chin. Spread using your fingers, blending the foundation towards the perimeter of your face. Use a beauty blender to make creases and lines less noticeable. To make it last longer, dab on some powder with a puff – Base perfect!

But if you are not a fan of using foundation every single day, try a BB cream instead.

Four: Blush it up

Stop with the contouring, shading and sculpting already! We are trying to achieve natural, glow-from-within, flawless skin – all the extra steps will only make it look unnatural. Resist the urge to practice trigonometry on your face and instead just try a cream blush for that glow-from-within effect. Apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend the color up toward your temples. You can build the intensity by gradually layering it on and avoid a clown-like situation by applying too much at once!

Five: Get your glow on

Last but not the least, a highlighter! This is ideal for adding that extra oomph to your skin and making it look like all you’ve been doing your entire life is taking care of your skin. Dab some onto the inner corners of your eyes, cupid’s bow and chin. Add some diagonally along the cheekbones right above your blush, under the brow bone and sweep a thin line along the bridge of your nose as well. Blend away to get your face glowing in no time!